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"With integrity, innovation and quality, we are constantly improving upon the status quo in our mission to deliver the highest quality work at the most competitive price. Our mission is to materialize the dreams of our clients and partners to build a brighter future."
Project Scope


In order to ensure our partners and clients with the highest quality of service, we strive to constantly innovate our facilities with the latest advances in steel fabrication technology. We have sourced our technology and machinery from top manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan which enables us to compete on an international level.  

Shotblasting Services
PEB Capability

We have full facilities that specialize in the fabrication of PEB (Pre-engineered Buildings). We are able to custom design all the main components of the building accordingly to the requirements of our customers. Thereby, we are able to minimize costs, maximize strengths as well as any additional request that our client may need.

The Advantages of PEB

  • Construction Time: 

    • As the assembly of the building is customized for speed and convenience, the construction cost is decreased by 30% 

  • Lower Cost:

    • Total tonnage required for a project can be heavily reduced with PEB design as it is no longer restricted to the standard h-beam sizes. Therefore the most economical design can be achieved to serve its desired purpose. 

  • Large clear span:

    • With PEB , we are able to achieve up to 80 meter clear span for buildings that require large column free space.

Before applying primer or coating, we have to remove the contaminants (rust, mill skin, etc) on the surface of our products. We do this to ensure the integrity and longevity of the coating and the steel itself. 

Our shotblasting machine enables us to perform this task at rapid productivity while maintaining a high quality of service. 


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